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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First Gulf Maharashtra Business Convention

GMBF is organising the First Gulf Maharashtra Business Convention, with AToZ Events, UAE, titled as “MahaBiz 2010 Dubai ” in Dubai on 23rd and 24th April, 2010. The venue would be “ Dubai Cultural and Scientific Centre” at Mamzar in Dubai .
MahaBiz 2010 Dubai will be Two day event, comprising of a conference, where renowned business and industry experts would be invited to speak. On the sidelines, an exhibition is proposed to be organised, where select industry and companies would be given opportunity to exhibit their products/services. MahaBiz 2010 Dubai provides an excellent opportunity to the delegates, speakers, sponsors, members and partners of GMBF to network, explore business opportunities for working together in projects in GCC as well as in India . We expect around 250 delegates, from all over the world, to visit this conference and many more to visit the exhibition during the two day event.

We are expecting participation from various industry organisations, business councils working in MH and overseas. We expect representation from industries such as Engineering, SME, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, IT, Travel and Tourism, Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Construction, Agriculture and Food Products, Trading, Professional Services and Industry Associations.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur interested in GCC region, you must attend MahaBiz as a business delegate. If you are a company seeking business in GCC region, this is your opportunity to display your products at the exhibition in MahaBiz as well as participate as business delegate. Networking at MahaBiz may bring expected or unexpected benefits to you, by interacting with local entrepreneurs, professionals as well as delegates visiting MahaBiz from all over the world. You will get an opportunity to see developments in UAE and visit places of your interest to build confidence in the region. It may help you in bringing clarity in your business plans for this region and also find a local business partner. Don’t miss this opportunity, when the markets are just recovering and presenting various leads to entrepreneurs like you.

You can avail the benefit of a package to attend this event, which will take care of all your travel needs, including Visa, Air Ticket, Hotel Stay, Local Travel and needless to say, registration to MahaBiz 2010 Dubai. We are happy to work with Raja Rani Travels Private Limited (RRTPL) as Official Travel Partners for MahaBiz 2010 Dubai and would be happy to assist you in India through RRTPL. For those who would like to register directly with us, please send us email on also visit and we would be happy to assist you.

You can also download the registration form, you can quickly fill in the same, sign it, scan it and email it to us. You can also fax it to +971 4 3417043


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