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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

सचिन, मस्त रे कांबळे !!!

अखेर आज परत आपल्या सचिन ने शतक ठोकले.
ते ही नाबाद.
सोबत एक लेख देत आहे. तो आहे २९ डिसेंबरचा.
सगळ्या अती शहाण्या लोकांच्या डोळ्यात झणझणीत अंजण ठरावा.आणी त्यावर आजचे सचिनचे शतक, त्यांचे थोबाड रंगवायला पुरेसे आहे !!!

काय वाटते, तुम्हांला??

Leave Tendulkar alone
Prem Sanjay Vuthandam
January 29, 2007
We Indians really do not know how to respect or take care of our heroes. Whether it is a saint from the past, a freedom fighter, or a current icon in any industry. We seem to have a problem with successful people. We always are trying to bring down our current stars -- either it's suspicion or jealousy, or whatever other reason, after putting them on a pedestal ourselves! It's a fact.

Take the example of one of our all-time heroes and exemplary sportspersons -- on the field and off it -- Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. He has been forced to single-handedly take care of scoring runs for the past two decades --- not that he asked for the responsibility! Remember, this is a team game! We expect him to score a century each time he steps in to bat! He never claimed to be a "God", as some of us referred to him as in the past. Extremely talented, hard-working genius? Yes, he is all that and then some.

Well, the reason for me writing this article is that I heard all the so-called experts on TV/Newspapers calling for his head, along with many non-experts and the general public at large. So I was wondering if he was really in that bad of form, that he has to be dropped? I pulled up his stats along with all the other Indian batsman who have played at least five games during the 2006/2007 season (including the 3rd ODI against the West Indies in Chennai). Well among all the nine "batsmen", take a look at where the little master stands:

Sachin has played 14 games in all, at an average of almost 37 -- the best among all batsmen this season! His overall career average is almost 44. So, is he really out of form that warrants dropping him??
Then, let's take a look at the rest. Dhoni and Dravid are the only other players who have an average of above 30! And then look at the rest! No wonder India is such a pathetic team!
Now let's take a look at how the current world's top batsmen have been doing the last season.

So my question is: Is Sachin Tendulkar so bad on current form that he needs to be kicked out?? Well, the above stats do not warrant that! Whether we like it or not, he is the best we have! He is a genius, and I personally feel that there are two reasons (assuming he is 100% fit), that he is not doing as well as we expect him to, these days.

First is the fact that he is told to be the "anchor" and cut out most of his aggressive strokes, as he is a senior player and the rest of the team should play around him and Dravid. Well Sachin is in the mould of Viv Richards -- their best form of defence is to attack! Secondly, I think, finally, the weight of the entire nations expectations, and his own, are cowing him down. It's probably getting to him mentally, and he really is under a lot of pressure. That's why, he tentatively prods (bringing the bat down late) and ends up getting lbw or caught inside the circle with half-hearted shots.

The so-called experts, all and sundry, are talking about how "bad" a batsman he is now, and the same impatient/unreasonable guys who are calling for his head will praise him if he scores a century the next game. The two games after that, if he "fails", it will start all over again.

Yes, Indians are emotional people. Remember that Sachin is an Indian too. A self-respecting one, at that. Don't hurt him so much that he decides to call it quits before his time!

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

विनोदी विनोद

शिक्षक :- तुम्हि सगळे जण का हसताय?
मुले :- काहि नाहि सर.....
शिक्षक :- खर सांगा मलाच बघुन हसताय ना?
मुले :- नाहि सर.....
शिक्षक :- मग दुसरे वर्गात हसण्यासारखे काय आहे?


शिक्षक :- दुध नासु नये म्हणुन काय करावे ?

विद्यार्थि :- ते म्हशीकडेच राहु द्यावे.


एकदा एका माणसाची बायको हरवते.
तो तीला खुप शोधतो, तरी ती त्याला मिळत नाहि.
शेवटि हाताश होऊन रामाच्या देवळात येतो आणि रडत रडत देवाला बोलतो
' देवा काहिहि कर पण माझ्या बायकोची खबर मला दे'

त्यावर राम प्रकट होतो व त्याला म्हणतो ' उठ वत्सा ,
तु चुकिच्या देवळात आलास, दुसऱ्यांच्या बायका शोधायचे काम हनुमान करतो ,
तु त्याच्या देवळात जाउन मदत माग. तो तुला नक्कि मदत करेल.'


प्रश्न दोन - उत्तर एकचदोन मित्र अनेक वर्षांनी भेटतात.
पहिला मित्र: अरे तुझं लग्न झालं की अजून ही हातानेच स्वयंपाक करतोस?
दुसरा मित्र : तुझ्या दोन्ही प्रश्नांचं उत्तर 'होय' असंच आहे.


माझे सगळे कपडे काढेपर्यंत जरा थांबाबस बसस्टॊपवर थांबली. तसा अगदी मागच्या आसना वरून एका महिलेचा आवाज आला."माझे सगळे कपडे काढेपर्यंत जरा थांबा हं ड्रायव्हर साहेब."आवाज ऐकून ड्रायव्हर, कंडक्टरसह सर्व उतारूंनी एकजात माना वळवून मागे पाहिले.धोबीण आपल्या कपड्यांची गाठोडी घेऊन खाली उतरत होती.


प्राण वाचविले.

एक सुंदर अभिनेत्री बोटीने लांबची समुद्रसफ़र करण्यास निघाली. तिने बोटीवर असताना लिहीलेल्या दैनंदिनीतील काही भाग -
दि. ०७ ऒक्टोंबर - प्रवासास आरंभ झाला. बोटीत १५०० प्रवासी आहेत. डेकवर फिरताना जहाजाच्या कप्तानाशी ओळख झाली.
दि. ०८ ऒक्टोंबर - आज मी आणि कप्तान डेकवर खूप वेळ एकत्र फिरलो. आम्ही खूप गप्पा मारल्या.
दि. ०९ ऒक्टोंबर - कप्तानाशी दोस्ती खूपच वाढली.
दि. १० ऒक्टोंबर - कप्तानाने मला त्याच्या केबिनमध्ये रात्री झोपायला बोलावले.
दि. ११ ऒक्टोंबर - मी कप्तानाच्या सूचनेला स्पष्ट नकार दिला.
दि. १२ ऒक्टोंबर - कप्तान म्हणाला,"तू आज रात्री आली नाहीस तर मी सारी बोट बुडवून टाकीन."
दि. १३ ऒक्टोंबर - काल रात्री मी १५०० प्रवाशांचे प्राण वाचविले.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


लाजतच तिने तिळ जेव्हां हातावर ठेवले
आशाळभुतपणे तेंव्हा गोडीही अपेक्षीली
मी खुळा पहातच राहिलो जेंव्हा नकळतच
तिच्या ओठांची पाकळी हलकीशी थरथरली....
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